Recipe: Wild Garlic Pesto

If you are out walking in the wilds for some fresh air and perspective and come across a patch of wild garlic here is a quick recipe for Wild Garlic Pesto.

And remember, only pick what you need and be gentle when picking to avoid pulling the whole plant out the ground. Try to pick from an area where there aren’t too many dogs being walked, it’s worth picking away from the path and wash well before using.

Makes about 2 x 300g jars

200g wild garlic
60g hazelnuts (or walnuts, pine nuts, blanched almonds or sunflower seeds)
200ml olive oil
100g grated Parmesan or another very hard Italian-style cheese

Put the wild garlic, nuts (or seeds) in the food processor. Whizz while slowly pouring in the olive oil. Keep whizzing until everything is very well mixed but it isn’t completely smooth.

Put the mixture in a large bowl and stir in the cheese. We use a chunky grate as I like the texture. Add salt to taste. You won’t need much as the cheese is already salty.

Put into jars (sterilised if you are planning to keep it for a while). Tap the jars a few times to remove any air pockets. As you tap they will work their way to the top of the jar and then pop. Cover the top with a layer of olive oil.

Enjoy on pasta (if you can get any), bread, new potatoes, roast veg, pizza or chicken.

If you put in sterilised jars and store in a cool place with a good seal of oil this will keep for ages.

Leave out the cheese and add a little more salt or some nutritional yeast for a vegan version.

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