Free-Range Pork Boxes For Sale

*** UPDATE: We’re delighted to say that we’re now SOLD OUT ***
*** Thank you so much for everyone who has ordered a pork box from us ***
*** Sorry if you missed out. Email us on to be added to the waiting list ***

Back in May 2020, we bought some new Oxford Sandy and Black piglets from Robbie at the fabulous Stonebridge Cottage Farm – our second pair of pigs, that we will have nurtured from piglet to pork.

With no catering jobs or our own supper clubs on the horizon, and the imminent arrival of many kilos of delicious pork from our local butcher, we thought that this time we would sell some of the meat. We are creating 10 boxes of pork, for sale at £60 each, for collection from us in Saintfield at the end of February 2021. They will contain at least one roasting joint, bacon and sausages and chops. We’ll be keeping all the slightly interesting bits (I mean the offal!) for ourselves. The pork will be frozen. (This is because it takes a few weeks to cure the bacon. We will freeze all the pork, so the contents of the boxes can all be picked from us at the same time.)

Here are the details:

The contents:  At least 5.5kg of pork (frozen), including at least one roasting joint, sausages, bacon & chops.
The time and place: For collection from The Edible Flower, 121 Middle Road in late February 2021 (we’ll email you to confirm exact dates once the bacon is cured).
The price: £60 each
How to order: Please email us on We will reply as soon as possible to confirm availability and payment details. Boxes will be allocated first come, first serve and your order will be confirmed once you have paid. 
How to pay: By bank transfer only. We will confirm details after you email us with your pork box request.

I have always wanted to keep pigs. I think pigs are fabulous, beautiful animals. I also love pork – and the difference in taste between mass-produced pork and slow-grown, well-fed, outdoor-reared, great pork is shockingly huge.

After making sure our pigs have a nice outdoor space to run around, forage and sunbathe, our primary concern is what they eat. Our pigs are fed on a mixture of bought grains – oats, barley and soya (I would love to find an alternative to the soya), all our spent brewing grains (the majority of which is organic pale malt from Crisp Maltings) and produce from the kitchen garden (everything which is not quite good enough for the kitchen, but seems like a waste to put on the compost heap!).

I realise that connecting the meat with the animal is not a comfortable experience for anyone – and buying generic bacon from a supermarket shelf from an unknown animal from an unknown location is so very easy. We felt that is we couldn’t see this process through and happily eat our own pork, then we definitely shouldn’t be buying anyone else’s pork. I’m pleased to say we are very happy eating our own pork and we hope you would be too.

If you’re interested in buying great pork on a regular basis, we really recommend visiting Robbie down at Stonebridge Cottage Farm.

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