Stuffed Breads with Greens & Wild Garlic

This recipe is adapted from Olia Hercules’ book Kaukasis. We made them with her in Ukraine last summer, or perhaps she did all the making and we did all the eating! They are truly delicious!

This Spring, these breads are seeing us through the hunger gap as a brilliant way to use kale, perpetual spinach & chard from the garden – some of the few crops still in plentiful supply. Adding in a bit of foraged wild garlic gives a little bit allium zing. Olia uses beetroot leaves in her recipe, which is great for the summer months. The leaves from beetroot, chard, perpetual spinach and sea beet are all pretty much interchangeable as they are all variations on the same plant Beta vulgaris. Continue reading

Two Years In – The True Cost of Food

This week, on the 26 July 2018, The Edible Flower is two years old. Happy Birthday to Us!

After the amazing response to last year’s “One Year In” blog, we thought we’d follow up a year later with something similar, though no VAT discussions in this one!….

To date, The Edible Flower has cooked 4,293 meals. We’ve bought and prepared £25,434 of ingredients (not including the many kilos of organic vegetables and salad we’ve grown). A big part of what we do is make decisions about what food we buy. Continue reading

Twilight Gardening – Useful Things

In July and August 2018 we’re running a series of Twilight Gardening sessions on Tuesday evenings.  We’re hoping this will be a super fun way for us to share some of the lessons we have learned developing The Edible Flower Kitchen Garden.  We will start with a cup of tea or coffee and a bit of learning, then do some practical gardening (sowing, transplanting, weeding, harvesting and everything in between) and finally, we’ll all sit down together for a simple, but delicious homemade evening meal. Continue reading

Anatomy of a Supper Club

When people ask me what I do, I say “I run a supper club and catering business”. The inevitable next question is “So what’s a supper club?”. 

So, here is my answer to that question or at least, to the question “What is an Edible Flower supper club?”. Continue reading

One year in…

A year ago today, on 26 July 2016, Erin and I signed a Partnership Agreement (no, not that kind of partnership – we became civil partners many years before that) that stated that we “wished to associate ourselves as partners in business” and that this Partnership would be called “The Edible Flower and/or such other name as the Partners may agree from time to time in writing”.

Our aim was to set up a business that would bring us joy. And amongst other things, would earn us enough money to live on. Continue reading