Anatomy of a Supper Club

When people ask me what I do, I say “I run a supper club and catering business”. The inevitable next question is “So what’s a supper club?”. 

So, here is my answer to that question or at least, to the question “What is an Edible Flower supper club?”. Continue reading

One year in…

A year ago today, on 26 July 2016, Erin and I signed a Partnership Agreement (no, not that kind of partnership – we became civil partners many years before that) that stated that we “wished to associate ourselves as partners in business” and that this Partnership would be called “The Edible Flower and/or such other name as the Partners may agree from time to time in writing”.

Our aim was to set up a business that would bring us joy. And amongst other things, would earn us enough money to live on. Continue reading

Five Reasons to Homebrew

I started brewing my own beer about 8 years ago and something clicked. I can’t imagine life without it now. I hope my top 5 reasons below will convince you to make homebrewing a fixture in your household.

# 1 – Keg Parties

For me, this is reason alone to homebrew. It is absolutely impossible to beat the look of pure delight on people’s faces when you turn up to a summer party with a keg of cool, hoppy pale ale over your shoulder. PEOPLE LOVE YOU.

Do it. You know you want to! Continue reading

How to Homebrew – Part 1

I would definitely recommend starting off your brewing experiments using a homebrew kit – It’s not quite as fun as brewing beer from scratch, but it is way quicker and uses less equipment. It’ll help you get used to many of the processes involved, you only have to invest in a few bits of kit and hopefully you’ll make some perfectly drinkable beer. Continue reading

Recipe: A one way journey with Kombucha

You know that you’ve become a slightly-crazed hippyish hipster when you sprinkle chia seeds on everything, you start seriously considering making nettle tea and most of your conversations either involve wood sorrel or a “mother”.  When you give up well-paid and exhausting jobs in London to buy a small-holding in rural Northern Ireland (donkeys and chickens included) you know there is no turning back. Continue reading