Anatomy of a Supper Club

When people ask me what I do, I say “I run a supper club and catering business”. The inevitable next question is “So what’s a supper club?”. 

So, here is my answer to that question or at least, to the question “What is an Edible Flower supper club?”. Continue reading

Top five eats and drinks in Portland, Maine

We went to Maine for the wedding of two of our favourite people, Alexis & Andrew. I met Alexis a couple of years ago when we shared a cottage and a life-changing cooking adventure at Ballymaloe Cookery School. We’ve both changed our lives and careers a lot since then, mostly for the better I think. But changing your career and becoming self-employed is a big challenge;  I love that Alexis is going on a similar journey to us, she understands the everyday elation and frustration of self-employment. You can read more of Alexis’ journey here. With Alexis’ culinary credentials she was never going to pick a city with a dud food scene to get married in – here are our top five things to eat and drink in Portland, Maine. Continue reading

Like Water for Hot Chocolate

On our recent trip to Mexico, the birthplace of chocolate, it was only natural (and fair) that we replaced our morning tea with a mug of hot chocolate. Chocolate originated in Mesoamerica, and archaeological evidence shows that people were drinking chocolate in Mexico as early as 1900 BC. The Mayan and Aztec people called it xocolatl, the basis for the modern word for chocolate in most languages. Xocolatl reputedly means ‘bitter water’ in Nathuatl, the language of the ancient Aztecs, and if you have ever had the opportunity to drink freshly ground chocolate, without sugar added, you will understand why. Continue reading

Prickly Pears & a Berber Halloween: Food stories from Morocco

We were in search of some Autumn sunshine and a few days of rest and relaxation after a rather crazy few months selling our house in London, moving to Northern Ireland, house hunting, setting up The Edible Flower and doing our first few events. It’s all been brilliant but it’s been tiring too, and we really felt we needed a change of scenery before the next big push. Fingers crossed we’ll be moving into our new place in mid October and beginning the renovations, setting up a catering kitchen, refurbishing an old cow byre for our events space, cultivating a market garden, acquiring chickens, and maybe pigs, the list of what we’re planning to do is exciting but endless… Continue reading