BWBC’s Homebrew Day – Saturday 25th November 2017

*** This event is for members of the Belfast Women’s Beer Collective ***
*** CLICK HERE to find out about joining. (It’s free to join!) ***

*** To book, please email with your name and any dietary requirements ***

Belfast Women’s Beer Collective Homebrew Day at The Edible Flower – Saturday 25 November 2017

Join us on Saturday 25 November 2017 from 2pm to 7pm for an afternoon of brewing, eating and learning. Experience a full-grain brew with other members of the Belfast Women’s Beer Collective – learn how to homebrew while enjoying some delicious food and samples of beer.

This is a course for people who have no homebrewing experience but are interested in giving it a go, or are already brewing from a kit but want to take the next steps towards a “full mash”. You are also very welcome if you like beer and just want to sit back, observe the transformation process of grain to beer and learn a bit about different beer styles, and beer & food matching.

Here are the details:
The brew: Throughout the afternoon we will be jointly brewing a 40-pint batch of real ale, while learning the basics of homebrewing, the ingredients, the kit, recipes and the processes. We will be brewing a Christmas Spiced Porter.
The food: We will be keeping you well fed and watered throughout the afternoon, with various beer and food matches for you to try out.
The time: 2pm to 7pm, Saturday 25 November 2017
The place: Our home outside Saintfield, County Down, BT24 7LS.
For a small extra fee, you can take a bus to and from Belfast, organised by the BWBC. Please email Mardi on for bus details.
The cost: £35 per person, payable in advance please.

This day will cover:

  • How to make beer from malted barley and whole hops at home
  • Selecting grains and hops for brewing different styles of beer
  • The equipment you will need to do a full grain brew
  • An introduction to the basics of beer and food matching
  • A useful handout covering the basics of homebrewing and a couple of recipes to get you started.
  • Finally, plenty of drinks and snacks throughout the afternoon.

TO BOOK: If you are interested in booking a place, please email with your name and any dietary requirements.

Homebrewing instructions and some favourite beer recipes will be provided as part of the course, ready for you to start your own homebrewing adventure.

Also, attendees will be invited to pick up a couple of bottles of the beer we brew a couple of weeks after the event, from a handy location in Belfast – just in time for Christmas!