How to Compost like a Pro with The Edible Flower: Online Talk – Monday 24th May, 7.30pm

Do you want to make your own compost to enrich your garden, your life and the life in your garden? Maybe you are already making compost but it’s not quite as brilliant as you’d like it to be. In this online workshop Jo, Head of Growing at The Edible Flower and composting fanatic, will demystify compost making and guide you through the process of transforming your garden and kitchen waste into compost gold!

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Photograph by Sharon Cosgrove Photography

We think that composting is the key to successful, sustainable vegetable (and flower) growing, but how do you go about making the best possible compost? Here at The Edible Flower we make about 3 tonnes of compost every year and use it to feed our no-dig vegetable beds creating as much of a closed loop system as we can. In this workshop we’ll be showing a short video so you can see our compost heap set up as well as talking through how we make our compost – there will be plenty of practical advice and demonstrations as well as lots of time for questions at the end of the talk. The talk and video will cover:

  • What is compost
  • Why make compost
  • Why compost is essential for no dig gardening and why no dig gardening is brilliant
  • Where to locate you compost heap
  • How big you compost heap needs to be and different designs for different spaces and sizes of garden
  • What to put in your compost heap (and what to not put in it)
  • Classic composting mistakes we’ve made
  • Six rules for successful composting

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Here are the details:

The tech: The event will be hosted on Zoom, so please download the latest app in advance on your phone, laptop or other device for ease.
The date & time: Monday 24th May, 7.30pm – 8.45pm
The place: Online (so your place & ours)
The cost: £12.50, per household – we’re very happy if a few people from the same household want to attend on the same device) – Click here to book tickets.

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