Creating a no-dig vegetable garden with The Edible Flower: Online Talk – Wednesday 31st March

Would you like to grow your own food? Do you dream of your very own vegetable patch?  If so, then please join us on Wednesday 31st March at 7.30pm to find out how to create a vegetable plot in the simplest possible way. If you have your materials to hand, you can build your vegetable patch and plant seedlings into it all within one day.
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Photo Credit: Sharon Cosgrove Photography
Spring is the perfect time to create a new vegetable bed for the growing season ahead and Jo (Head of Growing at The Edible Flower) will guide you through how to make your own no-dig vegetable bed. We’ll be showing a video of us making a vegetable bed from scratch – there will be plenty of practical advice and demonstrations as well as lots of time for questions at the end of the talk.
The talk and video will cover:
  • The principles of organic growing and no-dig gardening
  • Where to locate your vegetable bed
  • What size and shape works best
  • How to prepare the site for your new bed
  • What edges to use for the bed – permanent or temporary?
  • Dealing with slugs and snails
  • Bulky organic matter – what to use and where to get it from
  • Planting and sowing into the bed
  • How to maintain your vegetable bed, year 2 and beyond
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Here are the details:

The tech: The event will be hosted on Zoom, so please download the latest app in advance on your phone, laptop or other device for ease.
The date & time: Wednesday 31st March, 7.30pm – 8.45pm
The place: Online (so your place & ours)
The cost: £12.50, per household – we’re very happy if a few people from the same household want to attend on the same device) – Click here to book tickets.

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