Instagram Masterclass with @matt_inwood – 10 September 2019


Jo and I are absolutely delighted to be collaborating with Matt Inwood to bring his renowned Instagram Masterclass to Northern Ireland for the very first time. I’ve been following Matt on Instagram since we first started The Edible Flower and have been really inspired by the beautiful photos he takes using just a smartphone. A few friends have attended his workshop and the photos they are taking now are absolutely gorgeous! If you don’t follow Matt yet check out his account @matt_inwood.

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About the Workshop:

This is an Instagram workshop for foodies, bloggers and anyone who wants to up their Instagram game. It’s a 4-hour workshop is for people who are perhaps new to Instagram, or for those who are interested in using it much more effectively, especially as a business tool to self-promote. There will be two main elements, followed by a delicious two-course lunch from The Edible Flower.

1) A talk and presentation about phone photography and Instagram

* The power of Instagram and how to get the most from it
* Finding a style
* Suggestions for styling food for photography
* Taking good photographs with your phone
* Editing your images

2) A practical workshop to practise what’s just been discussed

* We’ll have a selection of ingredients and some lovely props from The Edible Flower’s collection with which to experiment and put some of the above ‘teachings’ into practice, to include styling, shooting, editing and publishing images.

About Matt:by

I’m an art director and designer with a great passion for Instagram and phone photography. I’ve worked with some of the country’s best chefs, foodies and food photographers during my working life. I understand the power of Instagram as a marketing and communication tool, but I also love the way the app enhances how people think and create in the world of food. I’ve worked with many brands and individuals to create content exclusively for their Instagram accounts, and with nearly twenty years of working in cookbook publishing, I’ve been around the world of food and foodies for a long time.


Workshop details:

The time: 10am–2pm (followed by lunch), Tuesday 10th September. Please arrive 10-15 minutes early so that we can begin promptly at 10am. Lunch will be finished by 3:30/4pm
The place: The Edible Flower, 121 Middle Road, Saintfield, Co. Down, BT24 7LS.
The refreshments: Tea/coffee and a snack will be served at around 12pm. A two-course lunch to be served from 2pm. Lunch includes a glass or two of The Edible Flower’s beer and some homemade cordials. All the meals will be veggie friendly but please let us know when booking if you are vegetarian or have any other dietary requirements. 
The cost:
 £99 (plus a £2.00 booking fee)

If you are keen to come along please book as soon as possible. We can only run this workshop if we get enough participants to make it worthwhile for Matt to travel over from England. So if you are planning come please book a ticket or email to let us know you are planning to book. Thank so much!

Buy tickets for Instagram Masterclass with Matt Inwood

You will need: 

* Your own camera phone or tablet (iPhone is Matt’s camera phone of choice and is the one he will be demonstrating with, but any smart phone or tablet that you take images with will be fine)
* A FULL BATTERY (a back-up battery pack would be ideal and/or a charger cable, just in case)
* Access to an Instagram account to which you can publish a few results on the day would be ideal
* The most up-to-date version of the Instagram app for your phone/tablet would also be helpful

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