Making Dumplings with The Edible Flower: Online Workshop – Wednesday 7th April, 11.30am

Do you fancy making your own dumplings from scratch but are not sure where to start? Join us on Monday 29th March to learn how to make some Asian-inspired dumplings.

Together we’ll be making both steamed and potsticker dumplings and practicing how to fold several different shapes including simple half-moons, pleated crescents and moneybags.

This workshop won’t be specifically tailored to children but we’re very happy for children to join the workshop providing they are supervised by an adult. Lots of the folding skills would be enjoyed by children with an interest in cooking.

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In January 2020 we ran two dumpling workshops that we hoped would be the start of a series of quarterly, seasonal dumpling classes here at The Edible Flower. The pandemic had other plans and we haven’t been able to host workshops and cooking classes for over a year. In the meantime we’ve been making and eating lots of dumplings and Erin has even embarked on a challenge to make 50 different dumplings in 2021 – you can follow her progress on Instagram and Facebook (she’s up to dumpling number 16). We’re really keen to share some of our learning (heavily inspired by some amazing dumpling experts such as Andrea Nguyen & Fuchsia Dunlop) with anyone who is keen to learn more. We’re really hoping to get back to some in-person classes soon.

The class will cover the following:

  • How to make a simple dumpling dough – using plain flour and water, you won’t need to buy any unusual ingredients
  • How to roll out the dough for folding dumplings
  • How to fold several dumpling shapes – classic half-moons, folded half-moons, pleated crescents and money bags
  • How to steam dumplings
  • How to make potstickers
  • How to make a simple dipping sauce to enjoy with your dumplings

Advance prep and equipment required:

You will need to do a bit of preparation and shopping for this class. We will send you recipes for two different dumpling fillings the week before the class which you need to make in advance. You can make just one filling or both fillings – there will be one filling with meat and one vegetarian/vegan filling.
We will also send you a shopping list of ingredients you will need for the fillings, dough and dipping sauce and a list of kitchen equipment. I am conscious it isn’t as easy to get to the shops as usual so I’ll suggest alternative ingredients where possible. You should be able to get all the ingredients in a regular supermarket.

You will need:

  • A rolling pin, the smaller the better but just work with what you have
  • A steamer for steaming dumplings – you can use a bamboo one over a wok on the hob, a metal one over a pot on the hob or a separate plug-in steamer. If you don’t have a steamer you can use a metal colander or even a metal sieve that fits snugly inside a pot with a lid
  • A heavy-based wide frying pan or sauté pan with a lid for making the potsticker dumplings
  • A few trays lined with parchment paper or silicone mats to put your dumplings on before you steam them

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The tech: The event will be hosted on Zoom, so please download the latest app in advance on your phone, laptop or other device for ease.
The date & time: Wednesday 7th April, 11.30am – 12.45pm
The place: Online (so your place & ours)
The cost: £12.50, per household – we’re very happy if a few people from the same household want to attend on the same device) Click here to book tickets.
Dietary requirements: This class will be suitable for vegetarian and vegans as we there will be a vegan dumpling filling as well as a meat filling. The ingredients we will be using include gluten (wheat), soya & sesame.

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