Private Dining: Asian Feast – Thursday 29 September

The Menu: A feast inspired by our travels in Asia. Think of coconut, fresh seafood, aromatic herbs, chilli, toasted rice, lemongrass & lime.


If you are interested in booking something similar please contact us.

Menu for 29 September 2016 

Vodka, Coriander & Ginger Fizz
Spring Rolls with Crab and Homemade Sweet Chilli Sauce
Duo of Laap – Zingy Laotian Herb Salads with Ground Roasted Sticky Rice, Pork & Prawns
Thai Green Curry with Chicken,  Red Onion & Aubergine
Broccoli with Sweet Sesame Dressing
Smashed Cucumber with Garlic & Ginger and Steamed Rice
 Lime, Raspberry & Coconut Jelly with Toasted Coconut and Mango
Green Tea & Petit Fours

2 thoughts on “Private Dining: Asian Feast – Thursday 29 September

  1. Hi. Menu sounds great. I think your Mum was going to say I don’t eat Red meat or chicken. I would happily eat the starter minus the pork & the thai green curry minus the chicken. I hope this doesn’t cause any fuss for you. Thanks, Tina


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