Soul Sister Does Samhain @ The Edible Flower, Tuesday 31 October

Photo credit: Kat Mervyn

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Join Soul Sister for Samhain, the Celtic festival marking the end of the harvest season and the beginning of the winter months. Fire, seasonal feasting and possibly a little bit of magic.
Samhain is a time for reflection on the previous year and what you have achieved in your life. It is a time of great magick, mystery and reverence for the supernatural. It is considered the time when the “veil between the worlds” is at its thinnest. This allows the living to have increased intuition and psychic abilities. 

After dinner, we’ll go outside to the fire pit and talk about the things in our life that we’d like to let go of. Then we’ll write them on some paper and throw them in the fire. Afterwards, we’ll set some intentions for the months to come.

Soul Sister does Samhain
Tuesday 31 October, 7pm


Round the fire:

Mulled Apple Juice Or ‘Spiked’ Mulled Apple Juice

Mini Colcannon Cakes
Warm Buttered Barmbrack

In the dining room:
Warming Spiced Pumpkin, Cauliflower & Coconut Curry

Lemon Rice, Cardamom & Lime Yoghurt
Indian Slaw with Crispy Chickpeas

Indian Pickles & Homemade Chapattis


Sticky Toffee Apple Pudding, served with Creme Fraiche


Spiced Ginger Tea

The people: Sorry fellas this event is Women Only.
The drinks: A welcome drink, water and a warming ginger tea at the end of the evening will be provided. If you would like anything else to drink please feel free to bring your own; wine, beer, soft drinks or whatever you fancy.
The time: 7pm, Tuesday 31st October 2017
The place: The Edible Flower, 121 Middle Road, Saintfield, Co. Down, BT24 7LS
The cost: £15 per person (plus a £1 booking fee), for a two-course dinner, plus a few extras
Dietary Requirements: This is a completely veggie menu (see menu above). For all other dietary requirements just let us know when you book and we’ll try our absolute best to accommodate you.
Buy tickets for Soul Sister does Samhain

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