Seasonal Salad Mix


For five seasons now, we’ve been growing no-dig vegetables, salad leaves, herbs and edible flowers in our kitchen garden for use at our supper clubs, workshops and catering jobs. In April 2020, we started selling bags of mixed salad leaves. All our events and jobs were cancelled due to the pandemic and we had a huge amount of delicious freshly grown produce to find a use for.

We absolutely love a green salad and eat one with most of our meals during the summer months. However, we hate the supermarket bags of leaves, sealed in CO2 to keep them fresh, until the moment you open them – when they go slimy & smelly.

Growing your own salad leaves, without spraying with pesticides or herbicides, makes so much sense. It makes sense financially (good salad leaves are really expensive) and if you are going to eat one organic product – something with a massive surface area, that you eat raw and don’t peel or remove the outer layers, is definitely the one to choose.

If you don’t have the space or the time to grow your own, we hope that the second-best option is to buy ours.

What do you get in our Seasonal Salad Mix?

Our salad bags contain at least 100g of lettuce leaves, mustard leaves, rocket, spinach leaves, peashoots, herbs, nasturtium leaves and others. The mix changes with the season. They are available from May to October each year.

How should I store them?

Keep them refrigerated and they should last at least a week. We pick and wash all our leaves by hand early in the morning – bagging, labelling and getting them into the fridge before breakfast! That’s the way to keep them fresh for longest.

If you’re not planning to eat them all in one sitting, we suggest you carefully open the bag but cutting the red tag off with scissors, then reseal the bag with a clip or elastic band for storing in the fridge.

How should I serve the leaves?

Best served as a simple green salad. Our favourite is a drizzle of olive oil, some Burren balsamics vinegar and a little salt and pepper. But any tasty salad dressing will do.

Where can I buy them?

Our Seasonal Salad Mix bags are currently available the Millbank Farm Shop in Saintfield and Two Sisters in Belfast. We deliver them before 11am on Wednesdays.

Why are the leaves sold in plastic bags?

We spend a lot of time and effort at The Edible Flower avoiding the unnecessary use of disposable plastics so it’s with some sadness (and determination to do better soon) that we have concluded that the best way to keep our salad leaves fresh for our customers to enjoy them, is to package them in a lightwieght sealed plastic bag. Compostable and biodegradable options exist, but none that are truely compostable at home, can currently cope with the humid environment necessary inside the bag required to keep the leaves fresh. We will keep searching for viable alternatives and are also exploring the logistics and possibilities of selling in reusable containers.


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