Gift Vouchers

Here at The Edible Flower, we do gift vouchers a bit differently. We love the idea of you spreading the word about The Edible Flower through giving gifts and we think we’ve come up with the best, most flexible, value-for-money voucher possible.


Download our gift voucher page, print it (on some nice thick A4 paper or thin A4 card), carefully cut along the dotted lines and insert a cash amount of your choosing.

Yes, cash! It never expires – and your lucky recipient can spend it on whatever they want. We really hope that they will spend it on an Edible Flower event sometime soon – but if the dates of our events don’t work out – or the event sells out really quickly – they there is always the option of spending the “voucher” on something else.

It’s not that we don’t want your money! We just don’t want to make money out of people forgetting to spend their vouchers.

And remember, you can always purchase tickets to a specific event as a gift for someone. Just purchase the tickets in the usual way through our booking system, then print out the tickets and give them as the gift.