Recipe: Vietnamese Summer Rolls with Prawn & Mango

Summer Rolls or Rice Paper Rolls are a popular street food snack or light meal in Vietnam. They are fresh, delicious and healthy, and full of lots of crunchy vegetables. This version has prawns and mango, but you can add whatever you like – pork, beef, mushrooms, avocado and whatever vegetables you have in the fridge. Peppers, celery, radish and bean sprouts are all a lovely addition. In Vietnam the most traditional Summer Rolls have sliced pork and prawns as the topping with noodles, herbs, salad leaves, cucumber and spring onions. They are also gluten free. Continue reading

Recipe: Lime Leaf Panna cotta with Mango & Mint

This is one of my most popular supper club desserts. I developed it because I cook a lot of South East Asian menus. Desserts are not a huge part of South East Asian cuisine, many meals will just finish with a platter of fresh fruit. A fruit platter is of course delicious, and very suited to the hot South East Asian climate, but doesn’t really feel special enough for a supper club dessert. Mango and sticky rice is also a very popular South East Asian dessert, it can look and taste really fantastic with beautiful ripe mango, black glutinous rice and a sprinkling of toasted sesame seeds. However, after cooking mango and sticky rice for a few supper club events I was looking for some other options. Continue reading