Recipe: Warm Roasted Beets & Shallots with Goat’s Cheese & Za’atar

This was our first full year of growing at our smallholding on Middle Road. When we first moved in last October we hired a turf cutter and basically decimated one half of the front garden, cutting out six 9×3 metre vegetable beds. This allows us to have a six year crop rotation – so my life will now be divided up into six year chunks and by the time the alliums are in the bed nearest the house again I’ll be 41! We’ve chosen to grow all our vegetables organically using the no-dig method, which means we don’t dig down into the soil but instead allow the plants roots and the activity of the worms and other creepy crawlies to gently create an aerated soil structure over time.

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Anatomy of a Supper Club

When people ask me what I do, I say “I run a supper club and catering business”. The inevitable next question is “So what’s a supper club?”. 

So, here is my answer to that question or at least, to the question “What is an Edible Flower supper club?”. Continue reading

Top five eats and drinks in Portland, Maine

We went to Maine for the wedding of two of our favourite people, Alexis & Andrew. I met Alexis a couple of years ago when we shared a cottage and a life-changing cooking adventure at Ballymaloe Cookery School. We’ve both changed our lives and careers a lot since then, mostly for the better I think. But changing your career and becoming self-employed is a big challenge;  I love that Alexis is going on a similar journey to us, she understands the everyday elation and frustration of self-employment. You can read more of Alexis’ journey here. With Alexis’ culinary credentials she was never going to pick a city with a dud food scene to get married in – here are our top five things to eat and drink in Portland, Maine. Continue reading

One year in…

A year ago today, on 26 July 2016, Erin and I signed a Partnership Agreement (no, not that kind of partnership – we became civil partners many years before that) that stated that we “wished to associate ourselves as partners in business” and that this Partnership would be called “The Edible Flower and/or such other name as the Partners may agree from time to time in writing”.

Our aim was to set up a business that would bring us joy. And amongst other things, would earn us enough money to live on. Continue reading

Recipe: Nettle & Nutmeg Soup

I think nettle soup sometimes gets a bit of a bad rap, perhaps it just seems a bit too worthy or maybe people are put off by remembered childhood stings on knees and elbows. When collecting nettles you should probably wear thick gloves to prevent any stings (unless you are much hardier than me), I find heavy gardening gloves are good for picking them and then rubber gloves for washing and stripping the leaves off any thick stems. Continue reading

Five Reasons to Homebrew

I started brewing my own beer about 8 years ago and something clicked. I can’t imagine life without it now. I hope my top 5 reasons below will convince you to make homebrewing a fixture in your household.

# 1 – Keg Parties

For me, this is reason alone to homebrew. It is absolutely impossible to beat the look of pure delight on people’s faces when you turn up to a summer party with a keg of cool, hoppy pale ale over your shoulder. PEOPLE LOVE YOU.

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